Painting and memory / family photographs

“Family stills” work in progress

Most people agree that family photos represent “something emotional” for the individual owner, no matter what the images actually show: staged ritual events or snapshots of the everyday.” Sandbye, Looking at the Family Photo Album: A Resumed Theoretical Discussion of Why and How

Memory is a hybrid – like our everyday living among other people. It is made a mixed agglomeration of tangled thoughts, feelings and inner universes of those around us and including us. I think in some way we all have been lied to – in fact we do not remember almost anything about our first days being alive. Childhood seems to be a story that we were told.

“(…) if one can remember some experience, Locke’s says that one in fact had that experience. It is by this reasoning that Locke arrives at the most controversial portion of his theory which suggests that the converse of the previous argument is true: if one cannot remember some experience, then one did not have that experience. Memory is therefore, according to Locke, a necessary condition of personal identity.” Piccirillo, The Lockean Memory Theory of Personal Identity: Definition, Objection, Response

Does my identity depend on what I remember and know? If I don’t remember it, then perhaps it didn’t happen to me. But if I remembered it, maybe I would have understood myself better. Today I am deciding about what happened – I can create fictional images. I can also, like a scientist, investigate scraps of memory and photographs, which are the only proof and basing on that I can create my own theory of my past. My personal big bang.

No. These memory puzzles that I can see, together with those missing ones, do not build a whole, constructed unity, which I represent as an adult. It looks more like a chaos – almost nothing fits. I think this sort of collage is interesting – a messy one. Mystery and nostalgia are wrapped around the foggy images of what I think is part of my memory. I can’t tell the difference between what I experienced as a little child and the story in my head that was built throughout years by other people…


  • Damien

    Very interesting insights and thought-provoking …
    I love your blog and I like the way you think …

    • Tori

      It’s the arahgeolocical hiding place of all things related to the Book of Mormon.They have invisible penguins there, too.Too early for blogging on a Sunday – I’m going for another round of coffee.:)

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