Reflection and shadow




copyright: oini

I was browsing through my photography the other day trying to find some visual memories of events and people. I noticed that it is so easy for me to forget many things that happend before the latest emotional situation. I also noticed that I struggle to remember facts… I do remember though how I felt about something and photography seems to be a means of carrying that feeling – a shadow of an event – being reflected in my identity.

The first image is a photograph of my little cousin, which I took in 2011 during a family meeting. We were having a slideshow of our very old family photographs when my cousin just stood in front his own shadow looking at it and then  started playing with it.

The next image is a photograph I took of my fiance while on a walk in the mountains this year. I must admit that I am not sure what exactly he was doing… but those two images moved me and made me wonder about manhood, growing up and identity.

This time experiencing identity doesn’t seem like it has much to do with actually looking at the self. I get scared when I look at myself – I am a small timeline (I started and I am going to end). Looking at one’s shadow is quite different. It opens up possibilities – a shadow is not a face, it is not the end. It forces us to ask questions, it doesn’t take us to solutions because it stimulates discussion.  For a small boy it might be surprising to discover his own presence, which his own shadow proves. To me it’s a feeling – knowing that I do not end where I end. There is something else and I am not alone – I stand in a way of light. A grown man knows how the world functions but he looses his shadow. In the palms of his hands he is creating possibility, he is questioning everything he sees more and more…


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