Plastic bags and bits & pieces


copyright: oini

Wrapped up in a blanket made of plastic bags. Being covered in plastic makes you breath slowly but eventually you suffocate. Seeing through a twisted and bent material makes you not think straight. It makes you turn inwards and then you whisper quietly to yourself but no one else can hear you.

This is a tiny sketchbook illustration I did in the beginning of my studies in London in 2011. It was a beginning of a very intuitive process of trying to find familiar forms and shapes that have a sense of meaning and a potential of becoming symbols and metaphors.

Vulnerability and connectedness are the main themes I find inspiring to circle around in my work. I can say that now I am working on this idea of an inner psychology landscape and how we spend most of our lives living on the inside of ourselves. Thoughts can be colours and emotions become like animals or plants.  It all depends on what sort of plastic bag we put on our heads.

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